Who am I ?

Dipankar Das.

That’s the name my parents had chosen for me and I have been known by that ever since.

I was born and brought up in the joyful city of Kolkata, (more popular as Calcutta) in India, though my current sojourn is in New Delhi, slaving away for the last twenty years in the food industry where pleasure meets madness. The heady concoction of beautiful boulevards, lip-smacking food, the elegant remnants of British colonial era in Lutyens’ Delhi, dung-splattered streets, marauding morons behind the wheels, and where the scorching heat of summers makes anybody’s senses wobble like a blancmange. But take it into your strides and you will enjoy this intoxication of order in chaos.

Delhi is a city of arrogance and power, of maniacal brutality at the drop of a hat, of uncouth display of wealth but also a city of faith and compassion, of being the Indian epicenter of world cuisine and of course opportunities. And these positives of the city persuaded me to explore and settle down in Delhi from Kolkata which is also known as the paradise of delectable food.

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